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Antiepileptic Drugs and Pregnancy

A Guide for Prescribers
1st ed. 2016 2015. Buch. xii, 232 S.: 1 s/w-Tabelle, Bibliographien. Hardcover
Adis ISBN 978-3-319-21433-7
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A description of our current understanding of antiepileptic drug use during pregnancy, this book includes chapters on the impact of seizures on the mother and developing child, changes in maternal physiology during pregnancy and its impact on drug disposition, and the pharmacokinetic differences between the various anti-seizure medications. It also deals with the possible harmful effects of antiepileptic drug exposure during pregnancy on the physical and intellectual development of the fetus. Clinicians have to balance the potential adverse effects of the medicine for the fetus and mother-to-be against the risks that uncontrolled seizures hold for both when treating pregnant women with antiepileptic drugs. Only recently have enough scientific data emerged to provide a rational basis for treatment decisions that take in both aspects. This work provides a single, accessible and up-to-date resource for busy clinicians.



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Provides a rational basis for treatment decisions involving antiepileptic drug use during pregnancy and in those wishing to become pregnant Offers an up-to-date, systematic account of the teratogenic potential of anti-seizure drugs and weighs potential fetal adverse reactions against the risks of uncontrolled maternal seizure disorders Describes the impact of pregnancy on the pharmacology of antiepileptic drugs