Understanding Animal Welfare

An Integrated Approach
2014. Buch. xvi, 128 S.: 1 s/w-Tabelle, Bibliographien. Softcover
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This book examines the contents, influence, and potential of a personal selection of modern books published over the last fifty years that have been relevant to improving welfare. The works selected comprise three earlier classics that mainly deal with animal experimentation and intensive farming, as well as five that concentrate on specific subject areas, namely history, science, applied ethics, politics and law, that are important to protecting the welfare of animals against suffering inflicted by humans. The books are arranged in the order of their publication date, and for each one a few related works are also mentioned or discussed. This collection provides a broad understanding of animal protection issues, and provides the necessary basis for an informed and comprehensive approach to improving the welfare of animals. The books selected have been influential and they have the potential to improve animal welfare in the future.



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Addresses key texts in eight central animal welfare issues: animal experimentation, intensive farming, immorality and animal ethics, speciesism, animal welfare science, practical action to reform animal ethics, animal protection politics and legislation Provides an historical perspective of the development of animal welfare interests, as well as detailed consideration of each area of interest Comprehensive in scope and full of hope