Dzemyda / Kurasova / Žilinskas

Multidimensional Data Visualization

Methods and Applications
2013 2014. Buch. xii, 252 S.: 69 s/w-Tabelle, Bibliographien. Softcover
Springer ISBN 978-1-4899-9000-6
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This book highlights recent developments in multidimensional data visualization, presenting both new methods and modifications on classic techniques. Throughout the book, various  applications of multidimensional data visualization are presented including its uses in social sciences (economy, education, politics, psychology), environmetrics, and medicine (ophthalmology, sport medicine, pharmacology, sleep medicine).

The book provides recent research results in optimization-based visualization. Evolutionary algorithms and a two-level optimization method, based on combinatorial optimization and quadratic programming, are analyzed in detail. The performance of these algorithms and the development of parallel versions are discussed.

The utilization of new visualization techniques to improve the capabilies of artificial neural networks (self-organizing maps, feed-forward networks) is also discussed.

The book includes over 100 detailed images presenting examples of the many different visualization techniques that the book presents.

This book is intended for scientists and researchers in any field of study where complex and multidimensional data must be represented visually.



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• Presents an overview of multidimensional data visualization • Provides backgroud to construction, analysis, and implementation of optimization algorithms for visualization of multidimensional data • Shows benefits of artificial neural networks and their integrated use with other methods for visualization of multidimensional data • Presents various applications of multidimensional data visualization: from social sciences to medicine