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Dynamic Systems Biology Modeling and Simulation

2015. Buch. 884 S. Hardcover

Academic Press. ISBN 978-0-12-410411-2

Format (B x L): 21,6 x 27,6 cm

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Dynamic Systems Biology Modeling and Simulation consolidates and unifies classical and contemporary multiscale methodologies for mathematical modeling and computer simulation of dynamic biological systems - from molecular/cellular, organ-system, on up to population levels. The book pedagogy is developed as a well-annotated, systematic tutorial - with clearly spelled-out and unified nomenclature - derived from the author's own modeling efforts, publications, and teaching over half a century. Ambiguities in some concepts and tools are clarified and others are rendered more accessible and practical. The latter include novel qualitative theory and methodologies for recognizing dynamical signatures in data using structural (multicompartmental and network) models and graph theory; and analyzing structural and measurement (data) models for quantification feasibility. The level is basic-to intermediate, with much emphasis on biomodeling from real biodata, for use in real applications.

- Core mathematical concepts, including differential and difference equations, Laplace transforms, linear algebra, and more are described for easy understanding by readers at all levels
- Combines active "wet-lab" experiences with biomodeling theory to clearly illustrate effective applications of dynamic systems biology modeling
- Includes a companion website with code and program files for many of the examples and exercises (MATLAB, Simulink, VisSim, SimBiology, CellDesigner, Copasi, SBML-coded models, program scripts, etc.)
- Provides a well-annotated systematic tutorial development


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