Enzyme Immobilization

Advances in Industry, Agriculture, Medicine, and the Environment
Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2016 2018. Buch. x, 132 S.: 4 s/w-Abbildungen, 10 Farbabbildungen, Bibliographien. Softcover
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This book covers the latest developments in enzyme immobilization with its wide applications, such as for industry, agriculture, medicine, and the environment. Topics covered include basics of enzyme immobilization, its implication in therapeutics and disease diagnostics, and its significance in solving environmental problems. This is an ideal book for researchers, graduate and postgraduate students, as well as scientists in industry, agriculture and health sectors. This book is a complete summary of enzyme immobilization and also thoroughly covers all the latest research.
This book covers:

- The last one-hundred years of innovative research done in enzyme immobilization

- Recent developments in immobilization techniques, such as types of matrices, immobilization methods, and linking agents, as well as enzyme immobilization without any matrices and its properties
- The physiological and industrial significance of enzymes from plants and the implementation of immobilized enzymes in the treatment of waste water and polluted air

- Biomedical and bioanalytical applications of immobilized enzymes
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Reinforces basic principles of enzyme immobilization with its application in therapeutics, pharmaceuticals and disease diagnostics Demonstrates the implementation of immobilized enzymes in solving environmental problems Maximizes reader insights into the implementation of immobilized enzymes in medicine, industry, and agriculture