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Standard DWA-A 161E Static Calculation of Jacking Pipes

Statische Berechnung von Vortriebsrohren

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March 2014, corrected version October 2017. 2018

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This Standard applies to the structural calculation of pipes with a circular cross-section which are installed according to the pipe jacking method in a straight or bending direction in non-cohesive or cohesive soils (loose soils as per DIN 18319) with static force in accordance with Standard DWA-A 125/DVGW GW 304. For jacking in solid rock, either wholly or in part, there is no standard solution in this regard, instead, special considerations are to be made; for example application of smaller bearing angles and earth load over the pipe crest. These calculation approaches and material characteristics are based on the pipe materials as per Annex A of this Standard. This Standard can be applied analogously to pipes that are driven with dynamic energy. Unless otherwise mentioned in this Standard, it also applies to pipe jacking using related methods with the appropriate adjustments. For pipes installed within a jacking path in an open-cut method of construction in shafts or connecting paths, Standard ATV-DVWK-A 127 applies.

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