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Durso / Nickerson / Dumais / Lewandowsky / Perfect

Handbook of Applied Cognition

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2. Auflage 2007. Buch. 918 S. Hardcover

Wiley. ISBN 978-0-470-01534-6

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Written by a leading team of international researchers, this second edition of the Handbook of Applied Cognition brings together the latest research into this challenging and important field, and is presented across thirty stimulating and accessible chapters. Stewarded by experienced editors from around the globe, this edition has been fully updated with eleven new chapters covering materials that focus on the topics critical to understanding human mental functions in complex environments.

The book is divided into three distinct sections, beginning by reviewing the relevant work on the basic processes that underlie application, and fundamental phenomena such as teamwork and human error. The second section discusses the approaches for solving problems of humans dealing with complex technologies and business. These chapters untangle the issues presented when studying cognition in terms of computers, transportation, industrial systems and sport. The final section examines the interaction of the human mind with society and culture. It covers subjects such as forensics, instruction, law and mental health, as well as consumer psychology and the influence of media on cognition.

This new edition of the Handbook of Applied Cognition will act as an authoritative, single source and reference for researchers, cognitive engineers and applied cognitive psychologists. It will also appeal to advanced students covering the flourishing field of applied cognition.


Bruce Abernethy, Hong Kong

Lyn Y. Abramson, USA

Phillip L. Ackerman, USA

Joseph W. Alba, USA

Lauren B. Alloy, USA

Julie M. C. Baker, USA

Christopher P. Barlett, USA

Margaret E. Beier, USA

Robert A. Bjork, USA

Aysecan Boduroglu, Turkey

Elizabeth T. Cady, USA

Curt A. Carlson, USA

Peter Chapman, UK

Nancy J. Cooke, USA

David Crundall, UK

Graham M. Davies, UK

Frank A. Drews, USA

John Dunlosky, USA

Francis T. Durso, USA

Arthur D. Fisk, USA

Sara Girotto, USA

Jamie C. Gorman, USA

Edith Greene, USA

Scott D. Gronlund, USA

Richard Jackson Harris, USA

Erik Hollnagel, France

Megan E. Hughes, USA

J. Wesley Hutchinson, USA

Robin C. Jackson, Hong Kong

William Jones, USA

Michael L. Kalish, USA

Gary Klein, USA

Stephan Lewandowsky, Australia

Marcia C. Linn, USA

Daniel Little, Australia

Bernd Lorenz, Germany

Ruth H Maki, USA

William S. Maki, USA

Richard S.W. Masters, Hong Kong

Jonathan P. Maxwell, Hong Kong

Giuliana Mazzoni, UK

Meredith Minear, USA

Neville Moray, France

Raymond S. Nickerson, USA

Gary M. Olson, USA

Judith S. Olson, USA

Richard Park, USA

Catherine Panzarella, USA

Raja Parsuraman, USA

Vimla L. Patel, USA

Peter Pirolli, USA

Katherine A. Rawson, USA

Lindsey E. Richland, USA

Wendy A. Rogers, USA

Brian H. Ross, USA

Alan Scoboria, Canada

Michael J. Serra, USA

Priti Shah, USA

Winston R. Sieck, USA

David L. Strayer, USA

Debra Tower, USA

Geoffrey Underwood, UK

Christopher Wickens, USA

Barbara A Wilson, UK

Jennifer L. Winner, USA

Ryan J. Winter, USA

Daniel B. Wright, UK

Jiajie Zhang, USA


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