Light at Extreme Intensities - Opportunities and technological Issues of the Extreme Light Infrastructure

LEI 2009
2010. Buch. 496 S. Softcover
AIP Press ISBN 978-0-7354-0771-8
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The conference was the first important scientific event entirely dedicated to an European project - Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) which reassembled researchers of different countries with the aim of designing ELI and future experiments that can be carried out on the facility ( ELI, hosting the most powerful, exawatt-class laser in the world, will be able to address laser matter interaction in the ultra relativistic regime (>1024 W/cm2). The conference was focused on High Intensity and Ultrashort Pulse Lasers, Exotic Physics at High Laser Intensities, Secondary Sources of Particles, Secondary Sources of X-ray, Attosecond Generation and Applications.
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