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National Registration for Producers of Electronic Waste

2009 2014. Buch. xvi, 254 S.: Bibliographien. Softcover
Springer ISBN 978-3-642-42474-8
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New directives in the European Union forced the national governments to release new laws on the collection and recycling of electronic waste. Producers of electrical/electronic equipment are now required to fulfill several tasks on an administrational level, such as registration and regular declarations, as well as ensure take back and recycling operationally.

The national laws and requirements strongly differ from country to country and created a lot of confusion in the past.

In this book, consultants from 26 EU member states give a clear and structured recipe how this complicated procedure can be done in the corresponding country. This makes the book being an essential tool for the electrics industry, in particular for international companies.



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The new European directive for electronic waste makes it necessary for producers to nationally register – a very complex process. This book explains how! Consultants give a structured and simple recipe for each European country, how to register – necessary to sell electronic products