Heteroaromatic Lipoxin A4 Analogues

Synthesis and Biological Evaluation
2012. Buch. xxii, 130 S.: Bibliographien. Hardcover
Springer ISBN 978-3-642-24631-9
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In this thesis Colm Duffy reviews the chemistry and biology of stable lipoxin analogues. Colm has prepared for the first time ever a pyridine-containing LXA4 analogue in enantiomerically pure form. Biological evaluation determined that both epimers at the benzylic position suppress key cytokines known to be involved in inflammatory disease, with the (R)-epimer proving most efficacious. Moreover the author developed an excellent route to a related thiophene-containing analogue that also showed interesting biological activity. Both routes have inspired further work in  the synthesis of further heteroaromatic analogues for biological evaluation.
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Nominated by University College Dublin as an outstanding PhD thesis Author describes for the first time the synthesis of an enantiomerically pure form of pyridine-containing LXA4 Description of an excellent route to a thiophene-containing LXA4 analogue