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Duffy / Demming


Software Tools and Applications in Finance with Excel, C# and C++

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2030. Buch. 288 S. Hardcover

wiley. ISBN 978-0-470-97980-8

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Das Werk ist Teil der Reihe: Wiley Finance Series


Expand Excel functionality with a multi-language environment that works

Interoperability Software Tools and Applications in Finance with Excel, C#, and C++ shows you how to create applications in a multi-language environment where interfacing with Excel plays a vital role. VBA is an important tool for Excel, and is incorporated here -- but it doesn't scale well for more complex applications, so a practical integration of C++ and C# is essential for creating increasingly sophisticated finance tools. This book walks you through the fundamentals, software, and applications, providing real-world examples with source code you can extend and apply in your own projects. You'll learn how to create automation and add-ins, integrate.NET, incorporate popular libraries, utilize replacement worksheet functions in C#, and much more as you expand Excel's capabilities and discover the superior functionality multi-language interoperability enables.

Excel is indispensable in many financial applications, but difficulties arise when integrating quant code and formulating complex algorithms where C++ or C# is essential. This book shows you how to make these languages interact efficiently, accurately, and productively to create more effective solutions for todays finance world.
* Create automation and COM add-ins with C# and C++
* Call VBA add-ins and handle multi-threaded components with Excel
* Implement interpolators, pricers, and simulators in Excel
* Integrate C++ STL, Boost, and other libraries

Haphazard multi-language interfacing slows down results, causes numerous errors, and can require complete reworking when changes are made. Today's applications need to move at a steady pace, and developer time cannot be wasted on tedious integration and revision. Interoperability Software Tools and Applications in Finance with Excel, C#, and C++ provides a sound, concrete solution, making it a must-have resource for developers and quantitative finance specialists.


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