Düker / Kubiak / Höfer

Stem Application of Plant Protective Agents in Viticulture

2006. Buch. 76 S. Softcover
Shaker Verlag ISBN 978-3-8322-4816-1
Format (B x L): 17 x 24 cm
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The ecologically sound method of stern application in viticulture is a preventive and avoiding solution that could completely prevent the emission of plant protective agents that would otherwise enter the environment in conventional plant protection. For this reason, research was carried out in this project to establish an application system for viticulture with the above-mentioned benefits. The hypothesis that several artificial inputs to the xylem of a vine stem are required for such a stern application system was confirmed. The tests revealed that just three points of access guaranteed a sufficient supply to the grapevine. By choosing a suitable material for the inlet pipe, it was possible to reduce the rather high absorption of the plant proteetive agent to the system's inlet pipes leading to the xylem, observed at the beginning of the tests.

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