Constructs of „Home“ in Gloria Naylor‘s Quartet

2010. Buch. 328 S. Softcover
Königshausen & Neumann ISBN 978-3-8260-4492-2
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Constructs of “Home” in Gloria Naylor’s Quartet is a rock-solid literary study of the fi rst four novels – the “quartet” – of one of America’s most noteworthy writers. Drawing on the concept of “lifeworld,” Claudia Drieling’s book delves deeply into intrinsic aspects of home in the quartet.

In examining the quartet’s spaces and places, Drieling approaches that well-trod territory with fi nesse and nuance. The section on food uncovers the role of selected foods in the texts and connects them to their historical roots – accessing, with charm and erudition, subject matter little studied in regard to Naylor. But it is the original and thorough analysis of Naylor’s character names that opens up previously overlooked areas of the quartet. To read this onomastic dissection of Naylor’s exquisitely chosen names is to understand the magnifi cent achievement of a writer who engages every -ism of modern America and remains standing after the fi erce battle.

Academic, critical, and general reader alike will fi nd vigorous and fresh insights in this book as Drieling gives us a wealth of acute observations on Gloria Naylor’s powerful fi ction. As a bonus, the book offers further perspective on the novelist’s thoughts by providing two interviews with Naylor that were conducted specifi cally for this study.
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