Color Atlas of Embryology

. Zus.-Arb.: Ulrich Drews Translated by David B. Meyer (Erwähnung: Innentitel) With 176 color illustrations by Astried Rothenburger ...
1995. Buch. 421 S. Softcover
Thieme ISBN 978-3-13-100321-8
Format (B x L): 12,5 x 19 cm
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The complex but fascinating field of embryology is presented in this easy-to-understand Thieme Flexibook, complete with 176 color plates. Since the information relevant to medical students is separated from that needed by biologists, both can learn in a focused and time-saving manner.

The overview at the beginning of each chapter is also an excellent aid to students. Physicians, biologists and students can delve into any number of topics: from the basics of reproductive biology to general embryology, including the "hot topics" related to cellular and molecular biology.
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