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Modernizing Microsoft Applications with Containers

Considerations and Guidance for Successful Transformation

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1st ed. 2020. Buch. xx, 280 S. 50 s/w-Abbildungen, Bibliographien. Softcover

Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-4873-7

Format (B x L): 17,8 x 25,4 cm

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Get your legacy architecture in line with modern DevOps, monitoring, and container strategies. Lower the cost of maintaining traditional applications and benefit from aligning teams and processes. Containerization technologies, microservice architectures, and DevOps offer numerous advantages: enhancing the software development life cycle, minimizing risks, increasing uptime, and ultimately providing more business agility. However, traditional software architectures, especially those built on Microsoft Windows using the.NET framework, are constrained in their ability to adapt these practices and techniques. This book provides you with a prescriptive approach to containerizing traditional software offerings built on the Microsoft Windows.NET framework, while striving to mitigate and minimize risk to your organization. A wide range of considerations are covered, with the goal of teaching you about the secondary and tertiary impacts of an incremental re-architecture strategy. Topics such as monitoring, DevOps culture requirements, container orchestration, and much more are covered. What You'll Learn: - Understand the problems large enterprises face when considering a software as a service (SaaS) strategy that includes containers and microservices - Benefit from hands-on prescriptive guidance to tackle your first containerization transition and any accompanying DevOps adoptions - Acquire valuable knowledge for organizations running Windows workloads with practical case studies - Assess the benefits offered by microservices, DevOps, and containerization architectures for your enterprise This book is for enterprise developers who work with Microsoft-based.NET products or are tasked with supporting legacy N-tier Microsoft software and want to introduce the benefits of containerization with minimal risk. Marius Dornean is a director of R&D at Mitchell International where he leads and motivates talented teams to successfully meet their goals and objectives. He believes that a key virtue of a good technology leader is the wisdom and ability to effectively affect organization change and adoption. Marius recognizes the need for Microsoft-based enterprises to consider a pragmatic approach to modernizing their legacy applications: one that actively addresses their concerns and constraints, but also provides hope and guidance, his impetus in authoring this book. Marius speaks at Mitchell International’s Devcon event and is a member and contributor at numerous SoCal meetup events and forums.


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