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Psychoeducational Assessment and Report Writing

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2nd ed. 2020. 2020

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Springer. ISBN 978-3-030-44640-6

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The second edition of this textbook provides expanded and updated guidance on the process of psychoeducational assessment and report writing for children in grades K-12. It casts the entire process within a newly proposed evidence-based psychoeducational assessment and report writing framework, and explains how to convey results through detailed, well-written reports. The new edition guides readers, step by step, through the assessment process – collecting data, writing reports, and communicating conclusions – for students with conditions spanning the range of IDEA classifications. Chapters offer a broad understanding of assessment and communication skills as well as the ethical, legal, cultural, and professional considerations that come with psychoeducational evaluation. In addition, chapters significantly expand on the coverage of learning disabilities, autism spectrum, intellectual disabilities, gifted, and other health-impaired and emotional disturbance assessment. The text updates sample reports from the previous edition, offering annotated commentary in the report explaining salient points and major decisions, and incorporates additional report samples to demonstrate fully the assessment and report writing process. Key topics addressed in the revised and expanded edition include: - Psychoeducational assessment and report writing in school and clinic settings. Interview formats from various perspectives, including caregivers/parents, teachers, and students. - Assessment of culturally and linguistically diverse youth. - Assessment of social, emotional, behavioral and mental health difficulties that may affect students’ educational functioning. - Common academic difficulties, including reading, writing and mathematics. - Common recommendations and accommodations for behavioral, social, emotional, and learning needs. - Incorporation of response-to-intervention/curriculum based assessment data into the psychoeducational report. Psychoeducational Assessment and Report Writing, 2nd Edition, is an essential textbook for graduate students as well as researchers, professors, and professionals in child and school psychology, educational assessment, testing, and evaluation, social work, and related disciplines.


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