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Doherty / Weichmann / Morgan / Marshall

Inflammation: Mechanisms and Therapeutics

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2012. Buch. x, 214 S. Bibliographien. Softcover

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The Seventh International Conference of the Inflammation Research Association, entitled "Inflammation, Mechanisms and Therapeutics" was held on September 25-29,1994 in White Haven, Pennsylvania. The major focus of this series of conferences is the multidisciplinary investigation of inflammation and the discovery of novel therapeutic approaches to inflammatory diseases. It was therefore particularly gratifying that the list of attendees included scientists of diverse backgrounds - preclinical biology, synthetic and theoretical chemistry, biotechnology and clinical research. The Conference was characterized by a very high degree of participation in the scientific debate by attendees, a large proportion of whom presented at poster sessions, poster discussions and workshops, and by the many opportunities for informal discussion provided by the organizers. This volume captures much of the excitement and enthusiasm of the Conference and should be a valuable resource for scientists in the field. Niall S. Doherty Barry M. Weichman Douglas W. Morgan Lisa A. Marshall IX Acknowledgments The manuscripts contained in this volume are based on material presented at the Seventh International Conference of the Inflammation Research Association held in White Haven, Pennsylvania, on September 25-29,1994. We would like to thank the speakers and session chairpersons for their contributions to the Conference and these Proceedings. The following individuals played indispensable roles in the organization and running of the Conference and are responsible for making it such a success: PLANNING SCHOLARSHIP Niall S. Doherty Janet Kerr, Chairperson Barry M. Weichman Richard Carlson Douglas Morgan Richard Harris Loran Killar D.


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