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ESCAPES - the disappearance from landscape

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Buch. Softcover


127 S

In deutscher und englischer Sprache

Revolver Publishing. ISBN 978-3-95763-286-9

Format (B x L): 22.2 x 29.9 cm

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The publication "ESCAPES" is a collection of drawings, texts and textile based works, which originated in Tel Aviv, Israel, where Dippmann spent the past seven years of study and work. Ivonne Dippmann primarily works within the field of drawing, even though her artistic curiosity in material spreads far beyond paper. Escapes documents the artists work process while transitioning from Tel Aviv back to Berlin. Each series or edition is based on a written work, laying out patterns of observation in her nearby environment; such as movement, color, shape or emotion. Starting from a literary content, every series or cycle reconstructs an explicit time frame in which each drawings development is fluid and open. A cycle, usually consisting of 40 - 100 drawings, is numbered and composed from the very beginning, so each singular work reconnects with the previous one. The introductory text "Recommendations" by the Israeli poet and activist Roy Chick Arad, lays out the atmosphere and overall surrounding of Dippmanns work environment. Some Recommendations - I recommend to my readers not to fall in love - and to eat herring - eat herring with onions - don't fall in love - women are trouble - men are mud and heartache - the herring is pickled - and won't do anything bad to you. - I recommend to my readers - Tolstoy's biography by Henri Troyat in two volumes - read the part in volume two where the elderly Tolstoy gets a bike - and get back to me. - I recommend to my readers - to sleep in socks despite the recession - because of the recession. - nothing will happen if you sleep in jeans. - I recommend eating sweetsops - Disco Tzahi, a friend of mine, told me they're very healthy - even though the last one I bought - wasn't ripe - and turned gray in the freezer. - I guess I did something wrong. - if you are musicians or poets, - I recommend that your next work be emotional or danceable - don't try to be big smart - don't try to be small smart - it's better not to try too hard(.) (Excerpt poem: Roy "Chicky" Arad 2008 / translated from the Hebrew by Lisa Katz)

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