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Di Nola / Gerla

Lectures on Soft Computing and Fuzzy Logic

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Physica. ISBN 978-3-7908-1396-8

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This volume offers a picture, as a job in progress, of the effort that is coming in founding and developing soft computing techniques. It contains papers aimed to report results containing genuinely logical aspects of fuzzy logic. The topics treated in this area cover Lukasiewicz logic, fuzzy logic as the logic of continuous t-norms, intuitionistic fuzzy logic. Aspects of fuzzy logic based on similarity relation are presented in connection with the problem of flexible querying in deductive database. Departing from fuzzy logic, some papers present results in probability logic treating computational aspects, results based on indishernability relation and a non commutative version of generalized effect algebras. Several strict applications of soft computing are also presented. The volume can serve as a reference work for foundational logico-algebraic aspects of soft computing and for concrete applications of coft computing techniques.

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