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Derbel / Kanoun

Communication and Signal Processing

Extended Papers

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Systems, Signals & Devices is one of the large specializations in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and computer sciences. It derives input from physics, mathematics and is an indispensable feature of all natural- and life sciences in research and in application. The new series “Advances in Systems, Signals and Devices” presents original publications mainly from speakers on the International Multi-Conference on Systems, Signal and Devices but also from other international authors. The Conference is a forum for researchers and specialists in different fields covering all types of sensors and measurement systems. Biomedical and Environmental Measurements & Instrumentation; Optical, Chemical and Biomedical Sensors; Mechanical and Thermal Sensors; Micro-Sensors and MEMS-Technology; Nano Sensors, Nano Systems and Nano Technology; Spectroscopy Methods; Signal Processing and Modelling; Multi Sensor Data Fusion; Data Acquisition & Distributed Measurements; Medical and Environmental Applications; Circuit Test, Device Characterization and Modelling; Custom and Semi-Custom Circuits; Analog Circuit Design; Low-Voltage, Low-Power VLSI Design; Hardware Implementation; Materials, Devices and Interconnects; Packaging and Reliability; Battery Monitoring: Impedance Spectroscopy for Measurement and Sensor Solutions; Energy Harvesting and Wireless power Transfer Systems; Wireless Sensor Networks in Industrial Plants

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