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Systems, Automation and Control

Extended Papers from the Multiconference on Signals, Systems and Devices 2014

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The first volume of the Series “Advances in Systems, Signals and Devices” (ASSD), is dedicated to fields related to “Systems, Automation and Control” (SAC). The scope of this issue encompasses all aspects of the research, development and applications of the science and technology in these fields. Topics of this issue concerns: system design, systemidentifi cation, biological and economical models & control, modern control theory, nonlinear observers, control and application of chaos, adaptive/non-adaptive backstepping control techniques, advances in linear control theory, system optimization, multivariable control, large scale and infi nite dimension systems, nonlinear control, distributed control, predictive control, geometric control, adaptive control, optimal and stochastic control, robust control, neural control, fuzzy control, intelligent control systems, diagnostics, fault tolerant control, robotics and mechatronics, navigation, robotics and humanmachine interaction, hierarchical and man-machine systems, etc. Authors have been encouraged to submit novel contributions which include results of research or experimental work discussing new developments in the field of systems, automation and control. The work can be also addressed for editing special issues for novel developments in specifi c fi elds. Guest editors are encouraged to make proposals to the editor in chief of the corresponding main field. The aims of this volume, in its own way, to promote an international scientific progress in the fields of systems, automation and control. It provides at the same time an opportunity to be informed about interesting results that have been reported during the international SSD conferences. THE SERIES: ADVANCES IN SYSTEMS, SIGNALS AND DEVICES Systems, Signals & Devices is one of the large specializations in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and computer sciences. It derives input from physics, mathematics and is an indispensable feature of all natural- and life sciences in research and in application. The new series “Advances in Systems, Signals and Devices” presents original publications mainly from speakers on the International Multi-Conference on Systems, Signal and Devices but also from other international authors. The Conference is a forum for researchers and specialists in different fields covering all types of sensors and measurement systems.

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