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Deng / Gibson

River Basin Management

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Springer-Verlag GmbH. ISBN 9789811069482

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This volume examines the integration of water resource management for sustainable utilization with the optimum allocation of water use for regional economic development. It also contributes to the research on water resource management under climate changes and environmental adaptation.
It will be a handbook for all researchers studying on integrated river basin management. Our book covers detailed research methods, issues, and frontier research questions and our answers for all people who are interested in this research direction. Particularly, socio-economic transaction of water use management is highly relevant to people's daily life and their quality of life with environmental challenges. Academic contribution of this book will be technically explanation of terms, relationships, linkages, and consequence of environmental degradation from the tangent of integrated water management. Hence, it will offer many chances to the scientists, economists, sociologists, and other scholars from different subjects.
Theories and methods to be addressed in this book are supposed to distinguish research mechanisms within various complex systems. Some research findings based on the extended input-output table nested by accounting of water and land will be introduced to show economic interdependence in a regional economic system, and its consequence under different designed scenarios will be discussed for broaden readers' visions of the research in this field.
An overview analysis on existing challenges and opportunities in some certain resource-limited areas has considerable potentials of improvement on integrated water management for regional green development. Our book will discuss many natural resource but focus on two natural resources including the water and land resources issues for studying a conceptual framework of integrated water management.

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