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Dementieva / Zavyalova

Corporate Governance in Russia

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Gruyter, Walter de GmbH. ISBN 978-3-11-069570-0

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This book explores discussions and practice around corporate governance in Russia from the early 1990s until 2018. It covers three major aspects of corporate governance theory and practice: a vision of corporate governance in Russia in the context of global trends and challenges, the general perception of corporate governance in Russia, and the real nature of Russia's corporate community from the viewpoint of its corporate governance practices.

It provides a unique complex analysis and detailed description of how corporate governance has been perceived by both Russian regulators and the business community, and how it has been applied in Russian companies. This analysis covers the period of over 25 years: from early attempts at directing transfer and implanting the Western model of corporate governance to the nascent Russian big private business, up to the period of resurgence of the state as the dominant player both in Russian society and its economy at large. It gives an understanding of what corporate governance is in Russia in the days of "sovereign democracy" and confrontation with the West.

It explains how cultural, political, economic and institutional factors have shaped corporate governance in Russia. The authors provide insights into such aspects of Russian corporate governance framework and practices as regulatory philosophy and enforcement, ownership structure, the role of the state, the impact of unfriendly domestic business climate, how the value of corporate governance is perceived in Russian context, etc.

Predominantly, the book paints an interesting picture of how the "sovereign corporate governance" model has been shaped in Russia.

This book will be useful not just for experts in corporate governance and investors, but also for those who have an interest in modern Russia at large.

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