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Delgado / Hart / Johnson

A Companion to Latin American Cinema

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Wiley. ISBN 978-1-119-32920-6


Latin American films are enjoying unprecedented success with audiences around the world, with filmmakers garnering top awards both in the United States and at international film festivals. A Companion to Latin American Cinema brings together filmmakers, critics, historians, and scholars to provide a wide-ranging collection of newly commissioned essays and interviews that explore the ways in which Latin American cinema has established itself on the international film scene in the twenty-first century The authors address the important national cinemas of such countries as Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil, as well as the emerging cinematic traditions of Cuba, Bolivia, Guatemala, and others. Interviews with acclaimed auteurs and leading voices of Latin American cinema are also featured, including Mexican filmmaker Alejandro González Iñárritu and Chilean director Pablo Larraín. A variety of thematic, theoretical, and historical perspectives are explored, including new movements and developments in Latin American cinema and how technological advances have allowed smaller South and Central American nations to nurture a film industry without state funding. Scholarly and thought-provoking, A Companion to Latin American Cinema offers bold insights into a cinematic tradition that has emerged at the vanguard of twenty-first-century filmmaking.

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