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Optimising poultry flock health

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ISBN 978-1-78676-887-2

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Diseases remain a significant burden to poultry production and its future. Whilst it is widely recognised that vaccines have a major role in inducing protection, they can only be considered as part of the solution to this growing problem. Recent research efforts have focussed on developing effective preventative measures that reduce the risk of disease outbreaks in flocks. Optimising poultry flock health reviews the wealth of recent research on the mechanisms of transmission for infectious diseases, such as Avian Influenza (AI), and how our understanding of this transmission can be used to improve poultry flock health. This collection considers how improved surveillance, testing, diagnostics and nutritional strategies can be used as preventative measures, as well as how bird health can be optimised at the differing stages of production. Edited by an expert internationally recognised for his research contribution on viruses affecting poultry, Optimising poultry flock health will be a standard reference for university and other researchers in poultry and food science, producers, farmers, governments and private sector agencies involved in supporting poultry production. Dr Sjaak de Wit is Professor of Integrated Poultry Health at the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands. He is also a Senior Researcher at Royal GD (formerly GD Animal Health), one of the world’s leading organisations for the diagnosis and prevention of livestock diseases, with responsibility for testing systems for poultry diseases. Professor de Wit is Past President of the European College of Poultry Veterinary Science (ECPVS), Junior President and forthcoming President of the World Veterinary Poultry Association (WVPA) as well as an Associate Editor for Avian Pathology. Professor de Wit is internationally known for his research on viruses affecting poultry.

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