Neu Erschienen: 30.11.2021 Abbildung von David Ostrowski. So kalt kann es nicht sein / It can´t be that cold | 1. Auflage | 2021 |

David Ostrowski. So kalt kann es nicht sein / It can´t be that cold

Ausst. Kat. Sprüth Magers, Berlin 2021

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Buch. Softcover


78 S.

In deutscher und englischer Sprache

König, Walther. ISBN 978-3-7533-0092-4

Format (B x L): 14.7 x 19.7 cm

Gewicht: 160 g


David Ostrowski is known for a reduced but complex formal expression. The artist's most recent works mark his systematic approach to another "non-color" - a conventional, commercial gray. In this new group of works, Ostrowski repeatedly paints over the primarily small-format works while exposing isolated forms, highlighting them or adding to them. A process that is also reflected in the dating of his works, some of which indicate different years of creation (e.g. 2008/2020 or 2005/2021). Ostrowski combines the titles of the new works from his typical F and names of well-known popular musicians, such as F (Faith Hill) and F (Chris Isaak). Authors of an eminently accessible music that surrounds us in everyday life - including the artist who listens to it on CD in his studio. The catalog takes readers through the exhibition "It can't be that cold" and close to Ostrowski's work. Two catalog texts provide insights into the contexts and inspiration of his work.

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