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Dascal / Gloning / Leßmöllmann

Science Communication

2019. Buch. 737 S. Hardcover

De Gruyter. ISBN 978-3-11-025551-5

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Table of contents Annette Leßmöllmann and Thomas Gloning
Preface – V Annette Leßmöllmann and Thomas Gloning
Introduction to the volume – XI I Perspectives of research on scholarly and science
communication Gregor Betz and David Lanius
1 Philosophy of science for science communication in twenty-two questions – 3 Friederike Hendriks and Dorothe Kienhues
2 Science understanding between scientific literacy and trust: contributions from
psychological and educational research – 29 Hans-Jürgen Bucher
3 The contribution of media studies to the understanding of science communication – 51 Mike S. Schäfer, Sabrina H. Kessler and Birte Fähnrich
4 Analyzing science communication through the lens of communication science:

Reviewing the empirical evidence – 77 Hannah Schmid-Petri and Moritz Bürger
5 Modeling science communication: from linear to more complex models – 105 Gábor Á. Zemplén
6 The contribution of laboratory studies, science studies and Science and Technology Studies (STS) to the understanding of scientific communication – 123 Nina Janich
7 The contribution of linguistics and semiotics to the understanding
of science communication – 143 Britt-Marie Schuster
8 The contribution of terminology research to the understanding of science communication – 167 Thorsten Pohl
9 The study of student academic writing – 187 II Text types, media, and practices of science communication Thomas Gloning
10 Epistemic genres – 209 Luc Pauwels
11 On the nature and role of visual representations in knowledge production
and science communication – 235 Henning Lobin
12 The lecture and the presentation – rhetorics and technology – 257 Sylvia Jaworska
13 Spoken language in science and the humanities – 271 Gerd Fritz
14 Scholarly reviewing – 289 Gerd Fritz
15 Scientific controversies – 311 Thomas Gloning
16 Symbolic notation in scientific communication: a panorama – 335 Michel Serfati †
17 The rise of symbolic notation in scientific communication: the case of mathematics – 357 Benedetto Lepori and Sara Greco
18 Grant proposal writing as a dialogic process – 377 III Science, scientists, and the public Wolf-Andreas Liebert
19 Communicative strategies of popularization of science
(including science exhibitions, museums, magazines) – 399 Sharon Dunwoody
20 Science journalism – 417 Holger Wormer
21 Teaching science journalism as a blueprint for future journalism education – 439 Charlotte Autzen and Emma Weitkamp
22 Science communication and public relations: beyond borders – 465 Philipp Schrögel and Christian Humm
23 Science communication, advising, and advocacy in public debates – 485 Philipp Niemann, Laura Bittner, Christiane Hauser and Philipp Schrögel
24 Forms of science presentations in public settings – 515 IV Historical perspectives on science communication Thomas Gloning
25 Historical perspectives on internal scientific communication – 547 Michael Prinz
26 Academic teaching: the lecture and the disputation in the history of erudition and science – 569 Monika Hanauska
27 Historical aspects of external science communication – 585 V Science communication: present and future Martina Franzen
28 Reconfigurations of science communication research in the digital age – 603 Peter Reuter and Andreas Brandtner
29 The library in a changing world of scientific communication – 625 Mareike König
30 Scholarly communication in social media – 639 Annette Leßmöllmann
31 Current trends and future visions of (research on) science communication – 657


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