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Das / Bertoni

Directions for the Next Generation of MMIC Devices and Systems

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1997. Buch. xi, 415 S. Bibliographien. Hardcover

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Microwave and millimeter-wave integrated circuits (MMICs) are of increasing im­ portance in modern military and commercial wireless communication systems. Current trends are towards low-cost, high-density, multilevel,and multifunctional integration, cover­ ingmillimeterand submillimeterwave regions.The integrationofdiverse subfunctions, such as light-wave devices, superconductor circuits, digital circuits and ferrite devices, together with conventional microwave or millimeter-wave devices, circuits and antennas, will allow implementation of large systems on a single chip. Research on advanced device concepts, 3-D interconnects, high-performance packaging methods, advanced CAD-tools, measure­ ment and testing techniques, as weil as material and fabrication technologies, are being di­ rected to meet these new challenges. Continuing on the series ofsymposia sponsored by the Weber Research Institute of Polytechnic University, an international symposium focusing on the current developments and new research initiatives for the next generation ofmicrowave and millimeter wave inte­ grated circuits and systems was held at Brooklyn, New York,during September 11-13, 1996. The symposium was organizedas a3-dayevent,running mostly ina single-session format of regular papers and panel discussions, It was co-sponsored by the Army Research Office, Re­ search Triangle Park, NC, in cooperation with the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society, the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society, and IEEE Long Island and New York MetropolitanSections.The papers published in this volume are extended versionsofselected papers presented at this symposium.


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