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Its Historical Roots and Development from Mercury to the Ceramic Oxides

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1992. Buch. xiii, 406 S. Bibliographien. Hardcover

American Institute of Physics. ISBN 978-0-88318-848-4

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"Blurb & Contents" "Copies of Onnes's or Meissner's lab notebooks--this is the stuff of science. This book is truly a tour de force. I cannot think of a single person working in the area of superconductivity who would not be totally absorbed by it." Materials & Design The first truly comprehensive history of superconductivity, from the first studies in the late 19th century to the present. It delves deeply into a largely undocumented early history, marked by H. Kamerlingh Onnes's first successes with mercury in 1911 and extending to the onset of World War II. Also encompasses materials development of the fifties, the work that culminated in the BCS theory of the early sixties, and the important recent application of ceramic oxides.


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