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Creating Equitable Services for the Gifted

Protocols for Identification, Implementation, and Evaluation

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IGI Global. ISBN 978-1-79988-153-7

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Given the importance of the development of intellectualism and the need to ensure equity and access to learning experiences, educators at all levels must be aware of research-based protocols to identify, serve, and evaluate programs for diverse gifted learners. It is essential to understand how gifted education can increase equity in identification practices for historically underrepresented groups, what the specific curricular opportunities are that must be provided to learners to develop gifted programs, and what the key considerations are to the design and implementation of authentic and equitable programs for gifted learners.

Creating Equitable Services for the Gifted: Protocols for Identification, Implementation, and Evaluation curates cutting-edge protocols in the field of gifted education related to the areas of equitable identification, implementation of services, and programmatic assessment. These protocols seek to initiate discussion and critical discourse regarding diverse gifted learners among higher education faculty, state department personnel, district administrators, and classroom teachers. Covering topics such as digital differentiation, equitable assessment, and STEM education, this text is ideal for teacher education programs, preparation programs, university degree programs, university credential programs, certificate programs, faculty, graduate students, state departments of education, superintendents, coordinators, administrators, teachers, professors, academicians, and researchers.

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