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Cotran / Mallat

Yearbook of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law, Volume 5 (1998-1999)

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2004. Buch. Hardcover

Kluwer Law International. ISBN 9789041113207

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This established Yearbook provides a definitive and up-to-date source of reference on Islamic law and modern Middle Eastern legal systems. The new fifth volume highlights key legal developments that occurred throughout the region during 1999 and maintains the consistently high quality of the previous volumes, which together offer a unique and ongoing library of information on Islamic and Middle Eastern law.

It includes an impressive collection of articles on topical issues, a comprehensive range of country surveys, important legislation and significant legal documents, selected cases, book reviews, notes and news. The articles cover a wide variety of topics including:

  • the Egyptian judicial system; the viability of an Islamic State;
  • guarantees in the UAE;
  • securities markets in Kuwait, Jordan and Oman;
  • doing business in Egypt;
  • the theory and practice of Islamic banking;
  • Civil Marriage Law in Lebanon;
  • the status of children and their protection in Algerian law; and
  • the concept of Walaya in Hanafi law.

    All the contributions have been meticulously compiled and edited and the volume is fully indexed for ease of reference.

    This invaluable collection of information has been carefully researched by a distinguished group of specialists in Islamic and Middle Eastern law, including judges, Ministers, State legal officials, legal practitioners, academics and scholars, to provide a unique source of reference in a single annual volume.

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