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Corkhill / Lewis

Intercultural Encounters in German Studies

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XV, 375 S.

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Röhrig Universitätsverlag. ISBN 978-3-86110-548-0

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Interculturality remains an important avenue of enquiry that continues to yield new findings in the interrelated disciplines of Germanistik and German performance and cinema studies. For scholars researching outside the traditional centres of German Germanistik, particularly those working in Australia and New Zealand, the United States of America, Japan and on the periphery of the Federal Republic of Germany, the theme of the intercultural encounter and the question of intercultural methodologies have enduring appeal and value. This volume brings together recent research on interculturality by scholars from five continents. It offers a range of new voices and new perspectives on the intercultural encounter in literature, theatre and cinema. It includes sections on European encounters with the non-European Other; cross-cultural identities and transhistorical identifications; inner-European intercultural dialogues and alterities; performing interculturality; cross-cultural transfer in visual media and testimonies to cross-cultural clashes and conflicts.

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