Conlé / Frietsch / Schüller

Competing for Global Innovation Leadership: Innovation Systems and Policies in the USA, Europe and Asia.

2010. Buch. 324 S. Softcover
Fraunhofer Verlag ISBN 978-3-8396-0114-3
Format (B x L): 16,5 x 23,2 cm
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Being successful and innovative today does not necessarily mean that one is also successful and innovative in the future. There are many examples in history where existing comparative advantages have been gambled away or simply disappeared whilst new players with new advantages gained ground. Against this background, Competing for Global Innovation Leadership: Innovation Systems and Innovation Policies in the USA, Europe and Asia compiles discussions on innovation systems and policies for a specific set of countries (Germany, USA, France, Japan, South Korea, China und India) and provides a complementary view of European innovation policy and Asia's innovation catch-up. Contributions come from scholars and researchers of different fields and disciplines. The volume provides insights into today's challenges for the selected countries and regions and the various dimensions of innovation policies. The articles in this book will allow a broader public to have a well-based understanding of the specific set of actors in the national innovation systems and innovation policies applied in each of the countries studied.
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