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Fraud Analysis Techniques Using ACL

1. Auflage 2009. Buch. 176 S. Softcover

Wiley. ISBN 978-0-470-39244-7

Format (B x L): 20,2 x 26 cm

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"When people ask me what they can do to better utilize ACL, I tell them, 'Take an instructor lead course, participate in the ACL Forum, and study (not read, study) David Coderre's Fraud Analysis Techniques Using ACL.' I studied this book, and would not be where I am today without it. Even without the anti-fraud material, the book is worth the investment as a tool to learning ACL!"
--Porter Broyles, President and founder of the Texas ACL User Group, Keynote Speaker at ACL's 2009 San Francisco Conference, Official ACL Super User

"For individuals interested in learning about fraud analysis techniques or the art of ACL scripting, this book is a must-read. For those individuals interested in learning both, this book is a treasure."
--Jim Hess, Principal, Hess Group, LLC

Your very own ACL Fraud Toolkit--at your fingertips

Fraud Analysis Techniques Using ACL offers auditors and investigators:

* Authoritative guidance from David Coderre, renowned expert on the use of computer-assisted audit tools and techniques in fraud detection
* A CD-ROM containing an educational version of ACL from the world leader in fraud detection software
* An accompanying CD-ROM containing a thorough Fraud Toolkit with two sets of customizable scripts to serve your specific audit needs
* Case studies and sample data files that you can use to try out the tests
* Step-by-step instructions on how to run the tests
* A self-study course on ACL script development with exercises, data files, and suggested answers

The toolkit also contains 12 'utility scripts' and a self-study course on ACL scripting which includes exercises, data files, and proposed answers.

Filled with screen shots, flow charts, example data files, and descriptive commentary highlighting and explaining each step, as well as case studies offering real-world examples of how the scripts can be used to search for fraud, Fraud Analysis Techniques Using ACL is the only toolkit you will need to harness the power of ACL to spot fraud.

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.


Die 8. Auflage ist wieder auf sechs Bände angelegt. Darin finden sich übersichtlich und in systematischer Gliederung Vertragsmuster aus der Feder erfahrener Experten. Jedem dieser Muster folgen Anmerkungen, mit denen der dem Vertragsentwurf zu Grunde liegende Sachverhalt und die Gründe für die Wahl des spezifischen Formulars erläutert werden.


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