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Cloke / Crang / Goodwin

Envisioning Human Geographies

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Buch. Hardcover


258 S.

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CRC Press. ISBN 978-1-138-16027-9

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Bringing together many of the leading human geographers from around the English-speaking world, Envisioning Human Geographies offers a series of personal visions for the future of human geography. The result is a vigorous and far-sighted debate about what human geography could and should be concerned with in the twenty-first century.The individual contributors develop their arguments to address the shape and direction of human geographies, with each chapter looking forward and envisioning an intellectual future for the subject. The result is a set of powerful statements written around the themes of:·space·nature ·enclosure ·political-economy·non-representation ·post-colonialism ·feminism·post-structuralism ·computation·morality·spirituality ·activism. The statements are tied via an introduction that discusses the ideological, academic and aesthetic prompts that fire the human geographical imagination.Envisioning Human Geographies maps out important new territories of enquiry for human geography, and is essential reading for all students studying the nature and philosophy of the subject.

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