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claritop. The Art of Technique

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64 S.

Hug & Co. ISBN 978-3-905847-22-2

Format (B x L): 23 x 30.5 cm

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The instructional method 'claritop' is directed at clarinettists wanting a focused and well-rounded method with which to further develop their playing after the initial stages of learning. 'Claritop' is suitable for both beginners and advanced players and consists of two volumes detailing theoretical and practical information. The pratical exercises correspond directly to the theoretical aspects discussed in the theory volume. - A learning process using small accumulative steps - Acquisition of basic technique and study in real musical contexts - A hands-on and fun approach From personal experience I can add that Claritop is not only an attractive, but also an effective tutor. I noticed the progress of my clarinet playing." The Clarinet 1 / 2009"

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