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Chow / Schoenbaum

International Business Transactions

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2010. Buch. 864 S. Hardcover

Aspen Publishing. ISBN 978-0-7355-7065-8

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Drawing a clear distinction between private international business transactions and the public law regulation of international trade, authors Chow and Schoenbaum deliver a focused treatment of the planning, structure, and implementation of private international business transactions in today’s global economy.

By creating separate texts for IBT and International Trade, the authors demonstrate that the subjects are best taught as two separate courses. This book, combined with International Trade Law, provides a comprehensive academic introduction to all of International Business Law in a concise teaching package.

Timely and in touch, International Business Transactions: Problems, Cases, and Materials offers:

- a consistent focus on transnational private business transactions between business entities or persons
against the backdrop of the domestic or national law of countries
- in-depth coverage of the four principal channels of modern international commerce
trade in goods
trade in services
transfer of knowledge
foreign direct investment
- a clear emphasis on the processes and materials that comprise private business transactions,
preparing students for their work as future IBT attorneys
- diligent attention paid to both developed and developing nations as well as western and non-western
- public international trade topics (such as the WTO) addressed as background and in context as needed
- the social obligations of multinational enterprises—explored in a dedicated chapter
- generous use of short problems that reinforce learning and stimulate classroom discussion
- the effective case-method approach—amplified by materials, problems, and the authors’ lucid analysis
- succinct notes and manageable overall length
- a comprehensive Teacher’s Manual, including the authors’ own summaries of all of the cases, answers
to and analysis of all of the problems in the casebook, and answers to and discussion of every
question asked in the book

Updated throughout, the Second Edition features:

- New statistics, charts, and figures on international business
- Addition of recent, up-to-date cases replacing older cases
- Enhanced coverage of foreign direct investment
- Timely revision of the EU law on investment, competition, and intellectual property
- Revised and updated problems
- A new, concise documents supplement designed to be used in connection with the casebook

International Business Transactions: Problems, Cases, and Materials, now in ist Second Edition, supports your teaching with focused coverage, a logical organization, and a detailed and updated Teacher’s Manual. You can confidently teach from this casebook—even if it’s your first time teaching IBT.


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