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Industry 4.1: Intelligent Manufacturing with Zero Defects

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Buch. Hardcover


600 S.

In englischer Sprache

wiley. ISBN 978-1-119-73989-0

Das Werk ist Teil der Reihe: IEEE Press Systems Science and


Discover the future of manufacturing with this comprehensive introduction to Industry 4.0 technologies from a celebrated expert in the field Industry 4.1: Intelligent Manufacturing with Zero Defects delivers an in-depth exploration of the functions of intelligent manufacturing and its applications and implementations through the Intelligent Factory Automation (iFA) System Platform. The book's distinguished editor offers readers a broad range of resources that educate and enlighten on topics as diverse as the Internet of Things, edge computing, cloud computing, and cyber-physical systems. You'll learn about three different advanced prediction technologies: Automatic Virtual Metrology (AVM), Intelligent Yield Management (IYM), and Intelligent Predictive Maintenance (IPM). Different use cases in a variety of manufacturing industries are covered, including both high-tech and traditional areas. In addition to providing a broad view of intelligent manufacturing and covering fundamental technologies like sensors, microcontrollers, and communication standards, the book offers access to experimental data through the IEEE DataPort. Finally, it shows readers how to build an intelligent manufacturing platform called an Advanced Manufacturing Cloud of Things (AMCoT). Readers will also learn from: An introduction to the evolution of automation and development strategy of intelligent manufacturing * A comprehensive discussion of foundational concepts in sensors, microcontrollers, and communication standards * An exploration of the applications of the Internet of Things, edge computing, and cloud computing * The Intelligent Factory Automation System Platform and its applications and implementations * A variety of use cases of intelligent manufacturing, from industries like flat-panels, semiconductors, solar cells, automotive, aerospace, chemical, and blow molding machine Perfect for researchers, engineers, scientists, professionals, and students who are interested in the ongoing evolution of Industry 4.0 and beyond, Industry 4.1: Intelligent Manufacturing with Zero Defects will also win a place in the library of laypersons interested in intelligent manufacturing applications and concepts. Completely unique, this book shows readers how Industry 4.0 technologies can be applied to achieve the goal of Zero Defects for all products.

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