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Charco / Díaz / Fernández / Orive / Osete

Mathematics and Geosciences: Global and Local Perspectives. Vol. II

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1st ed. 2016 2016. Buch. vi, 330 S. Bibliographien. Softcover

Birkhäuser. ISBN 978-3-319-32704-4

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This is the second volume of the topical issue “Mathematics and Geosciences: Global and Local Perspectives” which embraces 21 papers on different topics relating to Mathematics and Geosciences. They address different topics under both global and local perspectives, such as a method for calculating probabilities for large events in systems such as earthquakes, typhoons, etc.; the use of the Laplace–Fourier-domain full waveform inversion technique to deep-sea seismic data; discrete element modeling; step-edge detection filters, study of a transition zone of the Narmada-Son lineament; integral formulae for recovering the sub-crustal stress from terrestrial gravimetric data; numerical simulations of earthquake fault systems and their use to estimate gravity changes; application of Gaussian clustering to joint interpretation of seismic and magnetotelluric data; on the reliability and fidelity of archaeomagnetic and volcanic records to recover the past evolution of the Earth’s magnetic field; the study, for the first time, of variations in absolute surface geostrophic currents (SGC) using satellite data only; discussion of the inconsistency of IAU2000 non-rigid earth nutation model; the study of nonlinear anisotropic diffusive filtering applied to the ocean´s MDT; the numerical solution of a nonhydrostatic ocean model; hydrological-Hydraulic models; Steiner rearrangement of a function to study the effectiveness of
chemical reactors for the treatment of wastewaters; GNSS software; the study of the fractal dimensions for the identification of bedrock lithology; the study of the Uruk archaeological site (southern Iraq) by integrated geophysical methods; mathematical model for patchy landscapes; study of pore space soil
structure; and the results of comparison between transverse electric-type fields and between transverse magnetic and transverse electromagnetic fields.
As the previous one, volume II addresses the interest of scientists of many of the branches in Earth
Sciences as well as postgraduate students, covering both approaches, applied and theoretical ones, to solve many different problems in Geosciences with the help of mathematical models and methods.


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