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Corporate Financial Services in Wales 1989

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1989. Buch. 234 S. Bibliographien. Hardcover

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Wales is being transformed from a country dependent upon heavy industries to one of the most exciting regions of Western Europe. It is attracting a diversity of activity in terms of both inward investment and a whole range of new indigenous business. Wales has had an increasing amount of inward investment. Countries like Japan, the United States and Western Germany recognise the high quality of the workforce, the good communications, the good financial package offered by a positive regional policy and the enthusiasm of local government and trade unions welcome them. Wales is at last being recognised as the ideal location for service industries. The urban redevelopment of Cardiff, the enormous developments in cities like Swansea and Newport create a location for service industries of the highest quality at low cost. Wales provides office accomodation at a fraction of the cost in the South East of England, but with the latest buildings and the latest in telecommunication technology. There is certainly a welcome in Wales and I hope all of those who read this directory, indicating as it does the growth that has already taken place, will themselves make the appropriate enquiries: • see where they can locate an office, • see what are the facilities for a good quality labour force, • study the good communications be they road, rail or telecommunications. Anybody that does this will certainly conclude that Wales is the place to be. Rt. Han. Peter Walker, MBE.


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