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Butt / Graf / Kappl

Physics and Chemistry of Interfaces

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2013. Buch. 495 S. 222 s/w-Abbildungen. Softcover

Wiley-VCH. ISBN 978-3-527-41216-7

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The third edition of this excellent textbook for advanced students in material science, chemistry, physics, biology, engineering, or for researchers needing background knowledge in surface and interface science.
The general yet comprehensive introduction to this field focuses on the essential concepts rather than specific details, on intuitive understanding rather than learning facts.
The text reflects the many facets of this discipline by linking physical fundamentals, especially those taken from thermodynamics, with application-specific topics. Similarly, the theory behind important concepts is backed by clearly explained scientific-engineering aspects, as well as by a wide range of high-end applications from microelectronics and biotechnology. Manifold high-end applications from surface technology, biotechnology, and microelectronics are used to illustrate the basic concepts.
New to this edition are such hot topics as second harmonic generation spectroscopy, surface diffusion mechanisms and measurement of surface diffusion, optical spectroscopy of surfaces, atomic layer deposition, superlubricity, bioadhesion, and spin coating. At the same time, the discussions of liquid surfaces, the Marangoni effect, electric double layer, measurement of surface forces, wetting, adsorption, and experimental techniques have been updated, while the number and variety of exercises are increased, and the references updated.


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