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Managing Energy Risk

An Integrated View on Power and Other Energy Markets
Managing Energy Risk A Practical Guide for Risk Management in Power, Gas and Other Energy Markets Second Edition
2. Auflage 2014. Buch. 448 S. Hardcover
Wiley-VCH ISBN 978-1-118-61863-9
Format (B x L): 17,7 x 24,9 cm
Gewicht: 924 g
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Managing Energy Risk: A Practical Guide for Risk Management in Power, Gas and Other Energy Markets, Second Edition is the essential guide to modern techniques in financial mathematics for trading energy. Following the successful first edition, it addresses the significant developments of energy markets over recent years and contains substantial new material to meet the requirements of these advances.

The book covers energy markets for electricity, natural gas, coal, oil and the market for emission certificates. It also focuses on the renewable energy sector, particularly the energy economic principles, value drivers and risks related to hydro, wind, solar and bio energy. This text integrates energy economic approaches, including fundamental market models with financial engineering approaches commonly used in banks and other trading companies. This includes trading, valuation and risk management of spot products, commodity futures and swaps, structured products such as swing contracts and real options like power plants or gas storages. A multi-commodity approach is taken, covering the mutual influences of electricity, fuels and emission markets. Advantages and disadvantages of different modelling and risk management approaches for practical usage are discussed throughout.

Written for researchers and professionals, Managing Energy Risk Second Edition, is an ideal reference for those from an energy economics background as well as those with experience in financial mathematics or trading. The book introduces a wide range of theoretical concepts as well as focusing on applications within the energy business.
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