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Brunetaud / Coutsouradis / Gibbons / Lindblom / Meadowcroft / Stickler

High Temperature Alloys for Gas Turbines 1982

Proceedings of a Conference held in Liège, Belgium, 4–6 October 1982

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1982. Buch. 1094 S. Bibliographien. Hardcover

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The European Collaborative Programme on Materials for Gas Turbines known as COST-50 was initiated in 1971 and has been supported since then by the Commission of European Communities. The achievements made during the first phase of COST-50 were reviewed at the Conference held in Liege, September 25-27, 1978 and published by Applied Science Publishers Ltd. Nine European Countries: Austria, Belgium, the Federal Republic of Germany, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the Joint Research Center of the Community, agreed to continue their participation in COST-50 and the results of the second phase were presented at the Conference held in Liege, October 4-6, 1982 under the following headings: - Corrosion and Coatings - Fatigue, Creep and Structural Stability - Processing The technical sessions consisted of invited papers reviewing recent progress in the development of high temperature alloys with particular emphasis on the results of the European Collaborative Programme. Furthermore, some areas were reviewed by eminent speakers from the United States of America, due to their expertise in their respective fields. In this context and as a tradition introduced in 1978, the keynote lecture "Superalloys technology: today and tomorrow" was del ivered by Dr. F. L. Versnyder. The Conference was completed with a significant Poster Session comprising about fifty contributions from Europe and elsewhere. This book comprises a total of fifty four contributions representing almost all of the papers delivered at the technical sessions and a large part of the presentations made at the Poster Session.


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