Contemporary German Politics

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2021. Buch. 248 S.: 10 s/w-Tabelle. Softcover
CRC Press ISBN 978-0-415-31114-4
Format (B x L): 15,6 x 23,5 cm
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Provides students with a comprehensive and detailed introduction to the German political system. Written in an accessible, student-friendly style, this up-to-date textbook features:

an introduction to German political history from 1945 to the present day
key data on society, the economy and the welfare state
an explanation of the governmental system, the constitutional and legal framework, the executive and legislative system and federal politics, German political culture, political parties and elections and political participation
a discussion of important topical issues such as immigration and refugees, the environment and the threat posed by extreme right
an exploration of German foreign policy towards the EU, the US and the 'war on terrorism'.
This textbook is the perfect introduction for students taking modules in German politics, andGerman and European Studies degrees.
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