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Rationality Through Reasoning

2013. Buch. 322 S. Softcover

Wiley. ISBN 978-1-118-65605-1

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When we believe that we ought to do something, our belief very often motivates us to do it. But how does this happen? Offering a unique theory on the subject, Rationality Through Reasoning argues that it can occur through the process of reasoning, which is a means by which we are able to motivate ourselves. In the course of building his argument about motivation, the author develops a comprehensive account of normativity, rationality and reasoning. His account of reasoning -- both theoretical and practical -- is principally aimed at showing how reasoning is something we ourselves do, rather than something that happens within us. In addition, the book discusses what distinguishes correct from incorrect reasoning, and argues that we can improve our rationality by means of the activity of correct reasoning. This book presents a theory of rationality and normativity that differs significantly from the majority of existing philosophical thinking. In developing its comprehensive argument, it covers topics that include ought, reasons, responding to reasons, the logic of requirements, the structure of theoretical and practical rationality, the nature and correctness of reasoning, the role of language in reasoning, and much else. Edit "This book is a masterclass in how to deploy illuminating examples and penetrating analyses to illuminate the connections between reasons, rationality, what ought to be done and intention." Frank Jackson, The Australian National University "We ought to be deeply grateful to John Broome for having shed so much light on the nature of rationality, reasons and reasoning. His book will set a new standard of clarity in the discussion of these difficult but fundamental topics." Paul Boghossian, New York Universit


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