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From One to Many

Best Practices for Team and Group Coaching

2014. Buch. 352 S. Hardcover

wiley. ISBN 978-1-118-54927-8

Format (B x L): 15,6 x 23,4 cm

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"Jennifer Britton has penned another winner! With From One to Many, Jennifer not only gives us a bird's-eye-view perspective, but she also delves into the details we need to be successful as group and team coaches. I'm eager to incorporate this new material--not only into my course curriculum--but also into my own group coaching programs."
--Jory H. Fisher, JD,

"This remarkable resource gives coaches the necessary tools to expand their effectiveness and offer a group experience of connection and collaboration, providing an exceptional experience for many."
--Sandy Miller, MA, CPCC, ACC,

"From One to Many is a must-read for coaches, whether experienced or new to group and team coaching. Jennifer combines extensive research, personal and peer experiences, practical applications, and a comprehensive set of tools and resources to deliver another excellent book for professional coaches."
--Janice LaVore-Fletcher, MMC, BCC, President, Christian Coach Institute
Practical tips, tools, and insight on successful team and group coaching engagements

As professional development budgets at many organizations remain flat or even shrink due to financial pressures, coaches and human resources leaders are looking for new ways to do more with less funding. Team coaching--which may span intact teams, project teams and virtual teams--and group coaching--spanning both organizational and public contexts--offer a solution to this developmental puzzle. Unfortunately, there are few practical resources available that address the best practices for team and group coaching. From One to Many fills that gap for coaches, leaders, and human resources professionals. The book explains how to integrate the practice into an organization and how to maximize it to full effect.
* One of the only books on the market that explores in-depth the related topics of team and group coaching
* Written by the founder of a performance improvement consultancy who is also a popular speaker on the subject
* Features new content specifically for practitioners in coaching, human resources, performance improvement and related fields


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