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Dragon’s Brain Perfume

An Historical Geography of Camphor

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1998. Buch. XX, 308 S. Hardcover

Brill Academic Publishers. ISBN 9789004109834

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In the 'Dragon's Brain Perfume' (a Chinese description of Camphor) once more the existence and importance of 'world systems of exchange' becomes clear. In the pre-industrial world aromatic substances have always counted among the most prominent items of long-distance trade. The finest camphor came from Malaya, Borneo and Sumatra, but long-distance trade took it to societies at the geographical poles of demand - China and the medieval West already in late Antiquity (ca. 6th century A.D.). In 'India' it was in use at an even much earlier period. The present monograph opens with a survey of 'aromata' generally - origins, time and place of demand - from the Ancient Civilizations to the Age of Discoveries. Chapter two concerns the natural history of camphor; subsequent chapters are organized by regions ('India, Western Asia, the medieval West, South East Asia, China and Japan'), with a postscript on Origins and Diffusion. Evidence is drawn from an extensive range of sources in natural and cultural history.The work includes 15 original maps, 28 illustrations, and an extensive bibliography.


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