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The United States and Iraq Since 1990

A Brief History with Documents

2013. Buch. 328 S. Softcover

wiley. ISBN 978-1-4051-9899-8

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The United States has been in conflict with Iraq for over twenty years and yet some of the most basic foreign policy decisions surrounding the country remain unclear and contested. Why did the US make such a vast commitment in an area it knew so little about? Why did the US have such a difficult time subduing Iraq militarily and what have been the regional and international consequences? Has a new U.S. counterinsurgency strategy produced a victory in Iraq as many supporters claim? This books answers these questions and more, providing a concise history of US policy in Iraq since 1990 and examining the ways in which it has evolved over the last two decades. This text advances a chronological narrative of American decision-making in Iraq, from the ways in which the end of the Cold War played a vital role in Washington's efforts to create a new world order to the extent that tough economic sanctions heightened tensions between Iraq and the United States in the late 1990s. The author also examines US foreign policy alongside the changing domestic climate and investigates how America's wars in Iraq have affected US politics. Arguing that the only way to clearly understand US policy toward Iraq is to see it in its proper historical context and within a transnational framework, this book is an important resource for those seeking a clear understanding of the conflict.


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