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1990. Buch. xxiv, 661 S.: Bibliographien. Hardcover
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The phenomenon of superconductivity has gained a new interest since the recent discovery of materials with transition temperatures above 77K. The research on the new substances has increasingly contributed to the progress of materials science. In volume III/21 the reported data on superconducting materials, from the discovery of this phenomenon to the present day, are compiled. The data comprise various modifications of a material, e.g. bulk state, thin films, implanted or filamentary wires. Where available, data obtained under high pressure or after high energy particle irradiation are also tabulated. A particular effort was made to present not only the superconducting data for a given substance, but also the complete characterization of the analyzed samples. This characterization comprises the metallurgical and the crystallographical analysis as well as the analysis of the physical properties. The goal of the volume is to establish a complete and reliable compilation of critically reviewed experimental data, excluding purely theoretical works. The large amount of publications, more than 40,000 since 1913, requires a subdivision of the data in several subvolumes, the first of which is presented herewith. No such complete collection exists elsewhere, so that these tables should respond to a real need of both physicists and materials scientists.
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