Das Anne Frank Tagebuch

Eine Quelle historischen Lernens in Unterricht und Studium
2016. Buch. 249 S. Softcover
Kohlhammer ISBN 978-3-17-021894-9
Format (B x L): 15,5 x 23,2 cm
Gewicht: 377 g
Considerable importance has been ascribed to the Anne Frank Diary in the global culture of Holocaust remembrance. The approach of competence-oriented historical learning aims at the practice of dealing with cultural memory. What, against this background, characterises historical questions on the Anne Frank diary in contrast to those dealt with by German teaching or the study of politics?
The book examines the diary as an eye witness report of the events which led to the Holocaust and therefore puts its identity in the foreground as a source bound in perspective and powerful in its historical reception. On the basis of current discourses in didactics, pedagogy and historical science, concrete problem areas, texts and tasks models are presented for the teaching of history.
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